Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Gingerbread House that Wasn't

I don't quit easily. But I think the time has come to admit that the gingerbread house has gotten the better of me. First there seems to be something like 4 billion pieces to this thing. Then it's been raining for a week. Well, now there's snow. And a lot more on the way. And there's that whole powdered sugar shortage going on. But I digress. Once the pieces were baked, I noticed they were getting squishier by the day. This is not a new gingerbread recipe for me and the house I built last year was happily destroyed by a bunch of little kids.

I bravely attempted to put the roof together. That didn't work.

OH the crumbling. the horror.
And then I started putting in candy cane reinforcements and plastering the walls with royal icing. But the walls started breaking.
I patched some together.

But you know how I can sometimes take things as signs from God...

I have decided this is the house just isn't meant to be. This time of year can be so stressful and there's no need to stress myself out over some silly house that nobody's pressuring me to make. It's supposed to be a fun season and there's some fun fun stuff coming up in the next week or so. There's the very challenging Daring Baker's challenge (I'm not telling what it is. It's a secret.) There's something very exciting for tomorrow based on a story about a sharpshooting lion. And there's also going to be a yummy goody that I've never had before moving to Ohio. So who needs this silly little house anyway?


Zylo said...

Does it still taste good? I agree. With stuff like this, it's good to challenge yourself and try new things, but don't let them stress you out. You did your best though.

Mary said...

I ate some of the roof and it tasted ok, but I don't like royal icing so I didn't eat the walls.