Saturday, November 17, 2007

There's Always Next Year...

So. It should be known that the Brain likes Ohio State and I like U of M. This is a glaring facet of our marriage that we cannot agree on that comes back every year to haunt us. Every November there's buildup. A little countdown. He makes little comments. I retaliate with little comments. OK maybe I start it. Every year I hope against hope that the weenie in the sweater vest and his stoopid Buckeyes will have their arrogance handed to them on a plate. Every year, the Brain does his little happy dance. It's so depressing.

See, I am going to live in Ohio probably for the rest of my life ~ shudder. And like any good girl brought up in Michigan, I was taught to root for Michigan, or I could root for Michigan State, or really anyone in the Big 10, which really should be Big 11, with the mighty exception of Ohio State. Actually I'm not sure if I was taught that, or if there just comes a point when you notice that Ohio fans carry this Ohio State / Michigan football rivalry just a little too far. Like when you pull into a rest stop off I-94 in North Dakota and somebody gets out of their car with an Ohio license plate, sees the Michigan plate and starts yelling at you, "Oooooh yeah, Michigan Sucks!! Go Buckeyes!" In June. It's like ummmm. yeah. Get a life.

The funniest part about it is, before I moved to Ohio I didn't really care about whether Michigan beat the Buckeyes or not. Well with the exception of whether or not it would mean the Big 10 (11) Championship. The big game is the Michigan / Michigan State game.

So with the anticipation of maybe having a good game to watch and looking around for some quality tailgate food, I came across these oh so cute little pretzels at Smitten Kitchen. They take about two hours to make from start to finish. Maybe a little longer. But they're so delicious warm out of the oven. And they go really well with beer. and football.

But for crying out loud Jim Tressel needs to wear something a little more manly and rugged than a sweater vest. It's like we are being clobbered year after year by an accountant. (Not that there is anything wrong with accountants, they just don't seem to embody football that's all.)

Check out Smitten Kitchen's post for the recipe. I followed it pretty much word for word. Although my skill at rolling out my pretzels is nowhere close to hers.

In fact I had some that I don't really know what they look like.


a girl and her blog said...

mary, i so enjoy your blog! after getting married, my favorite new activies are baking and cooking. nothing fancy (yet), but i'm hoping to get there! your blog is an inspiration for that!

thanks for your comment on yesterdays' post. i'm the same way as far as keeping in the Christmas spirit through January - but sometimes the resisting til after Thanksgiving doesn't happen!

gretel said...

Sparty won yesterday too!

Mrs. White said...

Ugh. I completely agree with you about OSU fans taking things a bit too far. I was born in Columbus and let's just say it was nice to move to Michigan where the fans aren't so...fanatical. The fact that some Michigan fans actually rent cars with Ohio plates to prevent their own cars from being terrorized when they travel to games in Columbus is truly ridiculous.

It's a game, people. Really.

Scott said...


You're not alone, my brother, who's from Columbus is a huge Michigan fan and his wife, who is from Michigan, is a huge OSU fan..go figure!