Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Memoir of only 6 words?

Both the lovely Cakelaw and Amanda at Mrs. W's Kitchen have tagged me for the six word memoir. And the rules are as follows:
1. Write your own 6 word memoir.
2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration.
3. Link to the person who tagged you.
4. Tag 5 more blogs with links.
5. Leave a comment on the tagged blogs letting them know they're tagged.
Actually, Amanda tagged me a while ago, and I've been in the middle of reading various huge books from the library, Jane Eyre and The Cider House Rules to name a few, so limiting me to 6 words was something to think about. For example, after finishing Jane Eyre I had to make myself stop thinking things like "Once injured, I was wont to forget the pain of recovery and focus lightheartedly on the joys of skipping again if only I could bend my leg and sway like the bulrushes." OK so I have no real idea of how bulrushes sway other than what I've seen on PBS, but the truth of the matter is that Charlotte Bronte is really wordy.

As an aside, I just checked out Wuthering Heights, Portrait of a Lady, and The Scarlett Letter from the library, so be warned that posts next week may get super wordy. It's not that I'm fascinated with the reading list of the average parochial high school, it's that I never actually read the books I was supposed to read in high school. See, I somehow learned if I paid attention to class discussions, I would know enough for the tests. Well, that and many many of the Shakespeare books are on video (DVD now, it was video back when I was young). Thus the only book I read in high school was King Lear and that was only because the video was far more confusing than reading Shakespeare.

See what I mean about 6 words being difficult for me?

I decided to go with 6 unchanging things about myself. Things that will be the same now as 10 years from now.

Re-repaired (yeah that's the screw they took OUT)

And on the last note, tomorrow is our one year anniversary, so don't hold your breath for a post.

And I tag:

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Because they are all really cool fun blogs and I like them.


CB said...

aawww poor wittle leg. btw Happy anniversary! Crazy how fast a year flies when you're having fun! Your wedding pic is so adorable :)

Pixie said...

ooh my stomach knotted up from looking at the screw -yikes

Hope you and your hubby have a very wonderful first year anniversary and many more to come!

Deborah said...

I might have a hard time coming up with 6 words - but you did great!!

Happy anniversary!!

glamah16 said...

Happy Anniversary!

Mrs. W said...

I love it. Well done!

LisaRene said...

Happy anniversary!

You were very creative with your 6 words. Love the Happy photo!

Cakelaw said...

Great memoir Mary! Your poor leg - I want to bake something magical that will make it repair. And Happy Anniversary!!!