Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Pi Day! Have some Bourbon.

Yes I am a geek. I'll say it proudly. I have a bachelors in statistics and I know that Pi, π, commonly known as 3.14 is merely an approximation for a never ending, never repeating number. It is also one of the most important mathematical constants. It represents the ratio of any circle's circumference to it's diameter. It is also the ratio of a circle's area to the square of it's radius. It's where the pie are squared formula comes from. HAHAHAHAHAHA! math humor. You gotta love it.

So it's Pi Day. Get it? 3.14? March 14? Math geeks get ridiculously excited about silliness like this. Just like October 23rd is Mole Day. OK this one might be a little harder, but if you think of Avogadro and his constant, another of the most important mathematical constants, you should be able to get it.

So yeah. I'm a geek. And I tried to think what kind of pie geeks would eat. And I came up with a few ideas. The Statistics and Math geeks I hung out with in college tended to drink a lot, party hard, and stay up the entire night before an exam eating pizza, drinking beer and learning the concepts of multi-variable calculus from the smartest girl in class who happened to be stoned at the time. She's now a very good math professor, but I'm not telling where.
Geeks like to drink. My friend S has an aeronautical engineering degree and works on tertiary Internet systems. I don't even understand what that means, and she's explained it to me numerous times. She is the Queen Geek. And in the days were both single we could get plowed on some very nice wine or good quality beer.

My whole family seems to be engineers and they all like to drink. Seriously, Mom, Dad, Step dad, Uncle J., Uncle J., Uncle T., Grandpa, Papa, Great Uncle Bernard. These are a bunch of engineers who all like their booze. Heck some of them were deans of engineering at very good schools. I should point out here before Mom gets annoyed that to say they like their booze does NOT mean that they are all alcoholics.

My sister Super G is also a major geek. She actually graduated from college in 4 years (it took me 10- my geekdom didn't come easy) and she has a combined math and Spanish literature bachelors degree, and a master's degree in education. She teaches high schoolers in Brooklyn mathematical concepts like spacial geometry through quilting. She also likes her booze.

And the Brain. Yeah, he's a lawyer. But did you know he was a mechanical engineer before he became a lawyer? It's really funny coming from a family of engineers, because I can recognize that he THINKS like an engineer. He approaches problems logically and in a step by step fashion. Analyzing away. He, the love of my life, is a big geek. He also really likes his bourbon.
So today for Pi Day, I made a Bourbon Pie. Yes, you read that right. I didn't know it existed either. I happened to be leafing through the Joy of Cooking last night, wishing I was more prepared because a pot pie cannot be eaten on a Friday in Lent. And although I found a Fish Pie recipe, I wasn't quite that brave. So Bourbon it is.

The decision was cemented when I went to the doctor today and he surpassed my worst case scenario. My surgery is set for March 25th. The best case would be a little teeny surgery. But they measured me for a brace while I was in the office. And given what the doctor implied, most likely I'm looking at months on crutches.

Bourbon it is.

Bourbon Chocolate Pie
sort of from The Joy of Cooking

One 9 inch prebaked pie shell in pan.*

4 large eggs
1 cup packed brown sugar
1/4 cup light corn syrup
1/2 cup honey
5 Tbsp unsalted butter, melted
1/2 tsp salt
3 Tbsp bourbon
2 oz. dark chocolate chips
2 oz. semisweet chocolate chips
2 oz. white chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 375° F.

Whisk together the eggs, sugar, corn syrup, honey, butter, salt and bourbon. Mix in all of the chocolate. Pour into prepared pie shell. Bake for 35 minutes until the pie is set. Cool the pie until firmed. Slice and serve.

I topped mine with Black Walnut Ice Cream.

* I purchased my pie shell, so I'm not eligible for the Pi Day Pie Roundup at Kitchen Parade. Go check it out though. There are some really yummy pies listed.


glamah16 said...

I have always had a mental block to math. Maybe its because my step father was a mathmatical genius.He tried to help me, and he did enough that I didnt flunk out.Certain Someone is a math nut too. My head hurts just thinking about it all. Only some of that Boutbon Pie will make me feel better.

Sara said...

Queen Geek? heh! I like that and I'm keepin' it!

Some other ineternets people I know were also talking about it being pi day today and mentioned that this is also Einstein's birthday (celebrated). And in the same thread someone mentioned seeing, on a restroom wall in a university chemistry building, "for a good time call Avogadro 603-1023". It's good to be a geek!

Cakelaw said...

Oh no, sorry to hear about the surgery. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

This pie looks great - how can anything containing bourbon be bad ;)

breadchick said...

OH man Mary, injured in the line of duty of a Daring Baker (and on my and Sara's challenge too!). Well, I'm raising a toast to you for a speedy recovery!

Heck, I'm raising a glass of Bourbon to you because I am just going to have to buy a bottle to make this pie.

Geeks Unite!!

Bellini Valli said...

I won't be having Pie on Pi Day today...too much to do...but this bourbon pie sounds delcious for my own mardis gras celebrations:D

Mrs. W said...

I knew I liked you for a reason! I heart engineers. I worked with them for several years--my husband is a HUGE math dork, and was in school for engineering for some years before he had to change majors due to job market issues. *sigh* He still dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer. Meanwhile, he enjoys calculus as a hobby.

Your pi(e) looks amazing.

Julie said...

Looks incredible. One of the kids commented on pi day,can't keep them straight. Pat is just concerned about his big day on the 17th, green mac-n-cheese!! Sounds delicious.
Your food looks amazing, just wish I was closer to sample some!

Half Baked said...

Great looking Pi! bourbon and chocolate yum:) Hope you have a quick recovery from you surgery!!

Pixie said...

ooh I wonder if your sis is teaching my nephew math in bklyn....

Bourbon pie sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

So bummed to hear about your surgery, but perhaps you can outfit your kitchen with a nice tall stool so that you'll be able to keep busy even while you're not able to put any serious weight on it?

LisaRene said...

I see you have progressed from beer to bourbon! Another very creative recipe.

Mrs. White said...

Well, I l, for one, love your theory on the connection between smarts and booze, seeing how I love drinking and am a genius in my own mind. :)

And good luck with your knee. Fingers crossed!

Tempered Woman said...

Look at you falling off the beer bandwagon ;-) So beer must be a gateway beverage~ On to bourbon she goes!
Ok, the pie sounds really awesome. And the fact that we share a degree in statistics is just too sweet! I can't remember a differential to save my life but I can do a mean stepwise regression analysis. heheh

Gretel said...

Are you supposed to celebrate Mole day at 6:02 am? Because I think that would be a little much even for me.

I also celebrate Fractional Pi day on July 22nd, because that's how the rest of the world writes the date.

Anonymous said...

Pardon me,
but was that a U of M coaster. As a Michigander I must say State,State.