Monday, November 12, 2007

Mmmm spaghetti


Spaghetti, spaghetti, all over the place,

Up to my elbows - up to my face
Over the carpet and under the chairs,
Into the hammock and wound round the stairs
Filling the bathtub and covering the desk
Making the sofa a mad mushy mess.

The party is ruined, I'm terribly worried,
The guests have all left (unless they're all buried).
I told them "Bring presents." I said "Throw confetti."
I guess they heard wrong
'Cause they all threw spaghetti!
-Shel Silverstein

Yeah we love spaghetti. It's the perfect dinner when the Brain is working late and I'm running off to spin class. And I really don't think anyone needs a recipe for spaghetti. Especially because we just used the Meijer organic spaghetti sauce. Nothing to it. But what's that sticking out of the bowl of spaghetti? Why that's Zingerman's Parmesan Pepper bread, quite possibly my favorite bread of all time - big chunks of Parmesan baked into the bread with cracked black peppercorn. It's so hard for me to pace myself and not eat the entire loaf at one time. While you can order Zingerman's bread online, as I've done while living in Indianapolis, this time I got it right from the source. No, I haven't died and gone to heaven, there still is no Zingerman's in rural Ohio. This weekend, I went up to Michigan.

Why? Because my friend Trish and I went to see Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro at the Michigan Opera Theater as a Sunday matinee. It was really good. We go to the opera yearly and we always have a good time. The Marriage of Figaro runs November 10th through the 18th and tickets run as cheap as $25.

Being that I was in town for the weekend it was no problem to invite some friends and family to Drop In & Decorate, Saturday morning. Basically I showed up with 7 dozen cookies and had some icing and sprinkles ready. And my family and friends decorated the cookies. Then another friend of mine helped me drop the cookies at the Ann Arbor Ronald McDonald House. The people were so appreciative. Hosting a party like this is really easy and definitely brightened the day of the Ronald McDonald House people. Follow the link and think about hosting your own party.

While already being in Ann Arbor besides going to Zingerman's we went to the best liquor and cheese store. Morgan and York, formerly known as the Big Ten, or "the cheese cheese cheese liquor store", is in my opinion the greatest place to go and buy cheese and fancy goods. I managed to pick up a Pecorino wrapped in walnut leaves, some cocoa nibs, and some Jasper Hill Cabot Cheddar (possibly the best cheddar I've ever tasted. The staff there is so friendly and helpful, you can't help but leave knowing more about cheese than when you came in. I think it's my favorite place in Ann Arbor. I recommend it highly.


Lis said...

Holy cow that spaghetti looks good, Mary! *slurp*

So cool that you and your friends participated in Drop in and Decorate! Yay for you guys! =)


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

Mary, your Drop In party looks wonderful! I'm so excited, and I'm sure the folks at Ronald McDonald House loved your cookies. Thanks for helping to spread the word!

Mrs. White said...

Man did I love Shel Silverstein as a kid.

Still do, come to think of it :)