Sunday, October 4, 2009

Potage Veloute aux Champignons

SO, I know I didn't post last week. See, because I don't work during the day at the jewelry store I mostly end up working on Sundays. Although last Sunday I was in Michigan for a wedding reception for a wonderful cousin of mine. No problem you could say, why not cook these Julia Child recipes during the week? Well, I'm still in school. So two days a week I'm observing and sometimes teaching. This week, I'll be subbing for two and a half days. And really, if I just make the soup on Sunday night, if I were to make the next recipe on Monday I'd have multitudes of leftovers. Oh who am I kidding. I made the french onion soup on Monday. see? I did it anyway.

In the spirit of being in school, let me give you the cliff notes version of me making the soup.

Me: So what's the next recipe?
Super G: I've been eyeing the cream of mushroom soup for a long time so I pick that one.
Me: Hmmm. okay. That sounds good.

Me: Crap. My course advisor wants to come observe me teach again. Okay, let's do it next Tuesday.

Naughty Obnoxious Boy! You are getting a detention!

Secretary #1: So you know, Naughty Obnoxious Boy came in to speak to the principal about how you pick on him.

Me: (poof brain exploded!)

observe observe observe

Sell big piece of jewelry. Sell another big piece of jewelry. Yay!

Think maybe I should get started on this soup.

Bake cake for teacher I'm observing. Think about getting that soup started. Finish the french onion soup leftovers. yum!

Stomach flu and dizziness hits. Whhhheee.

Still recovering from the Friday fun. Sleep most of the day. No desire for cooking.

Yay! feel human again! Work a full day selling a little bit of jewelry. Race through Meijer on the way home and pick up some mushrooms and heavy cream. Throw some tequila marinated pork kabobs on the grill. Eat dinner with the Brain. Chop mushrooms and get the Cream of Mushroom soup started. CRAP!!!! I'm out of eggs (and to be discovered later, cash). Race through WalMart. Grab eggs. Count out a ridiculous amount of change and make mental note to stop at the bank tomorrow. Get back home just as the 20 minutes of simmering is done. Finish the soup.

And yes. There are two kinds of cream of mushroom soup. There's the kind you make tuna noodle casserole out of. And there's this kind. Silky, decadent, delicious. If only I didn't have a mountain of dishes to do before I get to go to bed....
And I welcome any tips on getting soup made lade at night to photograph well!
Check out how Tracy and Super G did!


Amanda @ Mrs. said...


If you don't have a light box (which could be made from foam core board and a cheapo home depot clamp-on light), try using the red-eye flash setting on your camera. It's not quite as harsh as the regular flash.

Amanda @ Mrs.W's Kitchen said...

Oops... that was me, by the way.

Bellini Valli said...

Way to go Mary:D

Zylo said...

I want soup so bad now. And yeah, late night photography sucks. The only thing that helps me is to take it in a room with several sources of light (ceiling, table, sconce, ect), turn them all on, and take pictures without the flash. Try and see if it'll help.

glamah16 said...

You have been making some delicious soups. I hope all is well.

CB said...

Just saw your comment on my blog! What a coinky dink!! Congrats on your new house. I had no idea you had bought a house but I've been in my own house haze these last 30 days so... Crazy but worth it, no? {{hugs}}