Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Fridge, of A Place to Hang Things

So Wendy over at A Wee Bit of Cooking had a Fridge Door Competition. And she's posted the roundup today. And I am just plain goofy sometimes, because although I managed to send my photos in on time, I did almost forget to post about the roundup today. So go over to Wendy's at check out some really neat looking refrigerator doors. Apparently most people do not plaster their fridges with junk like I do. Wendy also has a really cool blog so you may want to poke around on it too.

Here are the photos I sent.

The top photo is actually the side of my fridge. It is plastered with the photos of the many many nieces and nephews and godchildren the Brain and I have. There's also a couple photos of us up there. And one of Han Solo and Princess Leia. There's also our engagement announcement from the paper, a letter from a nephew, a timer, a love voodoo doll, and a sourdough starter recipe.

The bottom photo is the front of our fridge. Here you will find another photo of a nephew, a drawing made by a very sweet little girl at our wedding (which I love because in the drawing I tower over the Brain and I'm skinny, and he's got hair). There's also some artwork of a different nephew and a godson, the menu plan for the week, a schedule of when assignments are due in classes, some save the date cards, and a religious card given to me by my 6 year old niece.

I didn't show the other side, there's just spare magnets over there. Actually what's really frightening would be what's on TOP of the fridge. Or even what's behind it. But I"m not taking photos of that.


CB said...

What a fun event! My frig use to be alot worse than it is now but T made me declutter the random coupons, papers, magnets etc. What a buzzkill. HAHA.

Deborah said...

As much as I try to keep things off of the fridge - it just doesn't happen! I love the personality of your fridge!

Wendy said...

Thanks for joining in! Can't believe how much fun it was!

glamah16 said...

I dont feel so bad. CS yells at me for keeping stuff on top of the fridge. Where else am im going to put it.

Amanda said...

I love photos like this! A refrigerator plastered with photos and other stuff shows the personality of the household--I love it!

I'm always at war with myself over this very issue. My fridge slowly gets covered--front and sides--until I can't find anything at all. Then I remove everything, edit, and the process begins again. There are just so many wonderful things to display! Weekly menus, recipes, photos and artwork from OPCs (other people's children)... not to mention wierd notes between Mr.W and myself!